Изображение книги Game, на английском языке. Rettieva Lidiya (Реттиева Лидия)
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Rettieva Lidiya (Реттиева Лидия)

Game, на английском языке

Издательство: Интернациональный Союз писателей (2020)

Серия: Nabokov Prize Library

ISBN: 978-5-91918-502-4

«...In front of me, there was the heart of the house — the owner's desk. The light of the green glass shade of the table lamp nicely set at rest. But it still took me long to summon up courage before I decided to open the biggest drawer with the cut-in lock, from which the key along with the bunch of other keys protruded. The mystery was about to be revealed. The fear of unveiling the secret was even worse than the fear of the unknown...»

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