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Книга A Blink of the Screen: Collected Short Fiction. Pratchett Terry A Blink of the Screen: Collected Short Fiction
Pratchett Terry
A collection of short fiction from Terry Pratchett, spanning the whole of his writing career from schooldays to Discworld and the present day. In the four decades since his first book appeared in prin

Книга A Brief History of Time. Stephen Hawking A Brief History of Time
Stephen Hawking
"A Brief History of Time", published in 1988, was a landmark volume in science writing and in world-wide acclaim and popularity, with more than 9 million copies in print globally. The original edition

Книга A Brief History Of Time: From Big Bang To Black Holes. Hawking Stephen A Brief History Of Time: From Big Bang To Black Holes
Hawking Stephen
Was there a beginning of time? Could time run backwards? Is the universe infinite or does it have boundaries? These are just some of the questions considered in an internationally acclaimed masterpiec

Книга A Desirable Residence. Madeleine Wickham A Desirable Residence
Madeleine Wickham
Liz and Jonathan are in trouble. They can't sell their old house. Here they are, stuck with two mortgages, mounting debts and a miserable adolescent daughter who hadn't wanted to move anyway. Then it

Книга A Walk In The Woods. Bryson Bill A Walk In The Woods
Bryson Bill
In the company of his friend Stephen Katz (last seen in the bestselling Neither Here nor There), Bill Bryson set off to hike the Appalachian Trail, the longest continuous footpath in the world. Ahead

Книга A Widow for One Year. John Irving A Widow for One Year
John Irving
'One night when she was four and sleeping in the bottom bunk of her bunk bed, Ruth Cole awoke to the sound of lovemaking - it was coming from her parents' bedroom'. This is the story of Ruth Cole. It

Книга An Utterly Impartial History of Britain. O'Farrell John An Utterly Impartial History of Britain
O'Farrell John
Many of us were put off history by the dry and dreary way it was taught at school. Back then "The Origins of the Industrial Revolution" somehow seemed less compelling than the chance to test the bold

Книга An Appetite for Wonder. The Making of a Scientist. Dawkins Richard An Appetite for Wonder. The Making of a Scientist
Dawkins Richard
Born to parents who were enthusiastic naturalists, and linked through his wider family to a clutch of accomplished scientists, the author was bound to have biology in his genes. But what were the infl

Книга An Utterly Exasperated History of Modern Britain: or Sixty Years of Making the Same Stupid Mistakes as Always. O'Farrell J. An Utterly Exasperated History of Modern Britain: or Sixty Years of Making the Same Stupid Mistakes as Always
O'Farrell J.
Following his hugely popular account of the previous 2000 years, John O'Farrell now comes bang up to date with a hilarious modern history asking 'How the hell did we end up here?' An Utterly Exasperat

Книга Angels and Demons. Dan Brown Angels and Demons
Dan Brown
CERN Institute, Switzerland: a world-renowned scientist is found brutally murdered with a mysterious symbol seared onto his chest. The Vatican, Rome: the College of Cardinals assembles to elect a new

Книга Can You Keep a Secret?. Sophie Kinsella Can You Keep a Secret?
Sophie Kinsella
Emma is sitting on a turbulent plane. She's always been a very nervous flyer. She really thinks that this could be her last moment. So, naturally enough, she starts telling the man sitting next to her

Книга Carpe Jugulum. Terry Pratchett Carpe Jugulum
Terry Pratchett
Mightily Oats has not picked a good time to be priest. He thought he'd come to Lancre for a simple ceremony. Now he's caught up in a war between vampires and witches. There's Young Agnes, who is reall

Книга Chocolat. Joanne Harris Chocolat
Joanne Harris
Try me...Test me...Taste me. When an exotic stranger, Vianne Rocher, arrives in the French village of Lansquenet and opens a chocolate boutique directly opposite the church, Father Reynaud identifies

Книга Cocktails for Three. Madeleine Wickham Cocktails for Three
Madeleine Wickham
Three women, smart and successful, working in the fast and furious world of magazines, meet for cocktails and gossip once a month. Roxanne: glamorous, self-confident, with a secret lover u and hoping

Книга Dancing The Dream. Jackson Michael Dancing The Dream
Jackson Michael
Presents personal view of Michael Jackson of the world around us, and the universe within each of us. Containing Jackson`s personal writings and over one hundred glorious photographs, drawings, and pa

Книга Death's Domain: A Discworld Mapp. Terry Pratchett, Paul Kidby Death's Domain: A Discworld Mapp
Terry Pratchett, Paul Kidby
It’s no more than a breath away... Everyone needs a place to relax after a long day, after all. So here is the place where the Grim Reaper can kick back and take the load off his scythe. Here’s the go

Книга Dead Woman Walking. Bolton Sharon Dead Woman Walking
Bolton Sharon
Just before dawn in the hills near the Scottish border, a man murders a young woman. At the same time, a hot-air balloon crashes out of the sky. There’s just one survivor. She’s seen the killer’s face

Книга Deception Point. Dan Brown Deception Point
Dan Brown
Rachel Sexton works for the National Reconnaissance Office as an intelligence officer. She is also the daughter of a Senator currently running for President. Her father's main offensive, and a very po

Книга Die Trying. Lee Child Die Trying
Lee Child
On a Chicago street in bright sunshine, Jack Reacher, is strolling nowhere and sees an attractive young woman, struggling on crutches. Naturally, he stops to offer her a steadying arm. And then he tur

Книга Different Class. Harris Joanne Different Class
Harris Joanne
After thirty years at St Oswald’s Grammar in North Yorkshire, Latin master Roy Straitley has seen all kinds of boys come and go. Each class has its clowns, its rebels, its underdogs, its ‘Brodie’ boys

Книга Divine Misdemeanors. Hamilton Laurell K. Divine Misdemeanors
Hamilton Laurell K.
Some know her as Meredith Nic Essus, princess of faerie. Others as Merry Gentry, LA private eye. In the fey and mortal realms alike, her life is the stuff of royal intrigue and celebrity drama. Among

Книга Echo Burning. Lee Child Echo Burning
Lee Child
Jack Reacher is adrift in the heat of a Texan summer, hoping to hitch a ride. Carmen is the beautiful, young, rich woman who picks him up. Carmen and her little girl are in trouble. At Carmen's ranch

Книга Exit Wound. Andy McNab Exit Wound
Andy McNab
Three tons of Saddam Hussein's gold in an unguarded warehouse in Dubai... For two of Nick Stones closest ex-SAS comrades, it was to have been the perfect, victimless crime. But when they're double-cro

Книга Feet Of Clay. Terry Pratchett Feet Of Clay
Terry Pratchett
There's a werewolf with the pre-lunar tension in Ankh-Morpork. And a dwarf with attitude and a golem who's begun to think for itself. But for Commander Vimes, Head of Ankh-Morpork City Watch, that's o

Книга God. A Human History. Aslan Reza God. A Human History
Aslan Reza
In God, Reza Aslan sheds new light on mankind's relationship with the divine and challenges our perspective on faith and the birth of religion. From the origins of spiritual thought to the concept of

Книга Going Postal. Terry Pratchett Going Postal
Terry Pratchett
Moist von Lipwig is a con artist...and a fraud and a man faced with a life choice: be hanged, or put Ankh-Morpork's ailing postal service back on its feet. It's a tough decision. But he's got to see t

Книга Good Omens. Pratchett Terry , Gaiman Neil Good Omens
Pratchett Terry , Gaiman Neil
“Armageddon only happens once, you know. They don’t let you go around again until you get it right.” According to the Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch – the world’s only totally rel

Книга Good Omens. Pratchett Terry , Gaiman Neil Good Omens
Pratchett Terry , Gaiman Neil
'Armageddon only happens once, you know. They don't let you go around again until you get it right' People have been predicting the end of the world almost from its very beginning, so it's only natura

Книга Good Omens. Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman Good Omens
Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman
Taking a cynical look at the horror genre, this book features Crowley and Aziraphale, two friends who attempt to prevent the prophesised Armageddon. When the Antichrist is born they divert him from hi

Книга Hardwired. Wild Meredith Hardwired
Wild Meredith
Determined to overcome a difficult past, Erica Hathaway learns early on to make it on her own. Days after her college graduation, she finds herself face to face with a panel of investors who will make