Книга Boneshaker. Priest Cherie Boneshaker
Priest Cherie
Ezekiel Blue's father committed a crime, unleashing a deadly menace into steampowered Seattle. And his bereaved family has paid the price. Now, Ezekiel is determined to clear his father's name, riskin

Книга Farlander. Col Buchanan Farlander
Col Buchanan
The Heart of the World is a land in strife. For fifty years the Holy Empire of Mann, an empire and religion born from a nihilistic urban cult, has been conquering nation after nation. Their leader, Ho

Книга The Inexplicables. Priest Cherie The Inexplicables
Priest Cherie
Adventures await Rector Wreck'em Sherman. About to turn eighteen, he's facing ejection from the orphanage that passed for home. He should also choose a trade, but work is scarce in steam-powered Seatt

Книга The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury. Kirkman Robert The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury
Kirkman Robert
It is a dangerous world that Lilly lives in. The walking dead lurk in every corner, massacring anyone they can get their hands on. Nowhere is safe. But when a terrifying ordeal leaves numerous dead, L