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Книга Capital Crimes: London Mysteries. Edwards Martin Capital Crimes: London Mysteries
Edwards Martin
With its fascinating mix of people - rich and poor, British and foreign, worthy and suspicious - London is a city where anything can happen. The possibilities for criminals and for the crime writer ar

Книга Continental Crimes. Edwards M. Continental Crimes
Edwards M.
A man is forbidden to uncover the secret of the tower in a fairy-tale castle by the Rhine. A headless corpse is found in a secret garden in Paris - belonging to the city's chief of police. And a drown

Книга My Book of Stories: Write Your Own Myths My Book of Stories: Write Your Own Myths
Within the pages of this book are opportunities to write tales of family feuds among the gods, invent new myths about how the universe was created, and to take a trip into the underworld. Budding auth

Книга Russian Revolution: Hope, Tragedy, Myths Russian Revolution: Hope, Tragedy, Myths
One hundred years ago events in Russia took the world by storm. In February 1917, in the middle of World War I and following months of protest and political unrest, Tsar Nicholas II abdicated. Later t