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Книга 17th-Century Men's Dress Patterns. 1600 - 1630. North Susan, Tiramani Jenny, Braun Melanie, Costigliolo Luca, Thornton Claire 17th-Century Men's Dress Patterns. 1600 - 1630
North Susan, Tiramani Jenny, Braun Melanie, Costigliolo Luca, Thornton Claire
This book presents full step-by-step instructions for the making of early 17th-century men's clothes and accessories in a technically accurate, visually exciting and easy-to-follow format. Twelve garm

Книга 19th Century Fashion in Detail. Johnston Lucy, Kite Marion, Persson Helen 19th Century Fashion in Detail
Johnston Lucy, Kite Marion, Persson Helen
This sumptuously illustrated book reveals the decorative seams, refined stitching, voluptuous drapery, strict corseting and slashing and stamping that make up some of the garments in the V&A's superla

Книга A Chronology of Art. Zaczek Iain A Chronology of Art
Zaczek Iain
Most surveys of the history of art are divided into historic periods, artistic schools, and movements. In reality, movements and artists’ careers overlap and intertwine, reacting to events in the worl

Книга Advertising: New Techniques for Visual Seduction. Uwe Stoklossa Advertising: New Techniques for Visual Seduction
Uwe Stoklossa
New in paperback, this book features hundreds of the finest, most inspired ads and campaigns from the best creative teams in the world. Freelance copywriter and designer Uwe Stoklossa shares the secre

Книга Alberto Pinto. Signature Interiors. Bony Anne , de Givenchy Hubert, Pinto Linda Alberto Pinto. Signature Interiors
Bony Anne , de Givenchy Hubert, Pinto Linda
Revered as one of the greatest decorators of the twentieth century, Alberto Pinto made his distinctive mark on the world of interior design thanks to his style, his extraordinary perception and unders

Книга Album Art: New Music Graphics. John Foster Album Art: New Music Graphics
John Foster
We find ourselves square in the middle of one of the greatest periods in music packaging. Events such as Record Store Day have pushed collectible packaging back to the cultural forefront; millennials

Книга Ancient Greece. Smith David Michael Ancient Greece
Smith David Michael
Pocket Museum. Ancient Greece presents more than 200 objects currently housed in public collections around the world that offer both context and immediacy to the rich culture of Ancient Greece. From t

Книга Ancient Rome. Campbell Virginia Ancient Rome
Campbell Virginia
If all the portable artifacts of Ancient Rome were in a single location, the lives of students, historians, and connoisseurs would be immeasurably simpler. But the masterpieces are in museums all over

Книга ArchiLab's Urban Experiments. Marie-Ange Brayer ArchiLab's Urban Experiments
Marie-Ange Brayer
Since its inception in a provincial town outside Paris some eight years ago, ArchiLab has established itself as one of the world's most important showcases of young architecture talent. Published to c

Книга Art & Religion in the 21st Century. Rosen Aaron Art & Religion in the 21st Century
Rosen Aaron
Blaspheming artists get all the press. Some exploit the shock potential of religious imagery - but many also reflect deeply on spiritual matters and are, in fact, some of the most profound and sensiti

Книга Art Deco Interiors. Patricia Bayer Art Deco Interiors
Patricia Bayer
By the time of the Paris exhibition of 1925 from which Art Deco took its name, the idea that an interior and its furnishings should form a complete design - a "total look" - dominated the thinking of

Книга Art Yearbook 3. Melissa Gronlund Art Yearbook 3
Melissa Gronlund
An essential publication for anyone interested in contemporary art, the Yearbook is a comprehensive overview of the fast-moving art scene. Featuring over 300 of the world's most exciting international

Книга Bag. Sue Huey, Susie Draffan Bag
Sue Huey, Susie Draffan
In the huge and ever growing accessories market, handbags have evolved into unique design pieces status symbols that many aspire to own. In the last ten years the trend for it bags, first initiated by

Книга Bio Design. Nature, Science, Creativity. Myers William Bio Design. Nature, Science, Creativity
Myers William
Bioluminescent algae, symbiotic aquariums, self-healing concrete, clavicle wind instruments and structures made from living trees - biology applied outside the lab has never been so intriguing, or so

Книга Book of Bees. Socha Piotr , Grajkowski Wojciech Book of Bees
Socha Piotr , Grajkowski Wojciech

Книга Bruegel. The Master. Sellink Manfred, Spronk Ron Bruegel. The Master
Sellink Manfred, Spronk Ron
On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of Pieter Bruegel the Elder (c.1525/30-1569) the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna is mounting the first-ever large monograph exhibition of the lead

Книга Cartier: Innovation Through 20th Century Cartier: Innovation Through 20th Century
Cartier epitomizes creativity and individuality in jewellery design.The 175 objects featured in this book exemplify Cartiers inimitable talent and represent milestones in twentieth-century design. Pee

Книга Cartier: Innovation Through the Twentieth Century (Russian Edition) Cartier: Innovation Through the Twentieth Century (Russian Edition)
Каталог выставки — это первое издание на русском языке, дающее достаточное полное представление о творчестве Cartier в ХХ столетии. В книгу включен обширный архивный материал Cartier: эскизы, фотограф

Книга Cats Galore. A Compendium of Cultured Cats. Herbert Susan Cats Galore. A Compendium of Cultured Cats
Herbert Susan
What happens when a cat becomes the subject of da Vinci s Mona Lisa or takes the starring role in Hamlet or Lawrence of Arabia? Susan Herbert s feline interpretations of famous images from Western cul

Книга Chineasy Travel. ShaoLan Chineasy Travel
Chineasy (R) Travel presents over 100 of the most used and useful Chinese characters, phrases and sentences for travellers, wherever they may find themselves in the Chinese speaking world. Ingeniously

Книга Chronicle of the Russian Tsars. David Warnes Chronicle of the Russian Tsars
David Warnes
This new Chronicle documents the lives of tsars famous and infamous in a lively series of biographical portraits stretching from the late fifteenth to the early twentieth centuries. Discover the facts

Книга Custom Kicks: Personalized Footwear. Kim Smits, M. Matthijs Custom Kicks: Personalized Footwear
Kim Smits, M. Matthijs
Customizing is hot. Everything can be customized: from pimped cars to retro furniture. This major trend is especially popular in footwear. Customizing your own shoes is a way of stepping out of the cr

Книга Cyclepedia. A Tour of Iconic Bicycle Designs. Embacher Michael Cyclepedia. A Tour of Iconic Bicycle Designs
Embacher Michael
Architect and designer Michael Embacher's unique collection of more than 250 bicycles, the only one of it's kind, was lovingly collected over many years and exhibited around the world. This new compac

Книга Digital by Design Digital by Design
New in paperback, this is an in-depth survey of today's best design and art production using digital technology in creative and unexpected ways. Troika, a multi-disciplinary art and design practice sh

Книга Dior. Catwalk. Fury Alexander, Sabatini Adelia Dior. Catwalk
Fury Alexander, Sabatini Adelia
This book gathers together, for the first time, every Dior haute couture collection, including also ready-to-wear collections after the arrival of John Galliano (when ready-to-wear presentations took

Книга Egon Schiele. The Egoist. Gaillemin Jean-Louis Egon Schiele. The Egoist
Gaillemin Jean-Louis
Egon Schiele lived in Vienna during its last years as capital of the declining Habsburg Empire. Rejected by his family and hounded by society for his interest in young girls, he expressed through his

Книга Elizabeth I and Her World: In Public and in Private. Susan Watkins Elizabeth I and Her World: In Public and in Private
Susan Watkins
Elizabeth I was one of the great personalities of all time, with Elizabethan England being a scintillating cultural era, with an enduring legacy in literature, architecture and sheer style. In this bo

Книга Fashioning the Future. Tomorrow's Wardrobe. Suzanne Lee Fashioning the Future. Tomorrow's Wardrobe
Suzanne Lee
Spray-on dresses, growable suits and self-cleaning shirts may soon become everyday items. This visionary exploration of where fashion and clothing are headed provides the first guide to the astonishin

Книга Francis Bacon. Incunabula. Harrison Martin, Daniels Rebecca Francis Bacon. Incunabula
Harrison Martin, Daniels Rebecca
In 1949 Francis Bacon found his main subject, the human body, and from then on it remained his principal theme. But he did not paint from life. Instead, he took from images from the mass media - newsp

Книга Giovanni Gastel: Masks and Ghosts. Germano Celant Giovanni Gastel: Masks and Ghosts
Germano Celant
A splendid, surprising, and original work of photography, this book is ideal for lovers of contemporary art and the boldest means of expression. Seventy images reveal the painful truth that beauty is