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Книга Death of a River Guide. Flanagan Richard Death of a River Guide
Flanagan Richard
Beneath a waterfall on the Franklin, Aljaz Cosini, river guide, lies drowning. Beset by visions at once horrible and fabulous, he relives not just his own life but that of his family and forebears, an

Книга Digital Fortress. Dan Brown Digital Fortress
Dan Brown
When the NSA's invincible code-breaking machine - encounters a mysterious code it cannot break, the agency calls in its head cryptographer, Susan Fletcher, a brilliant and beautiful mathematician. Wha

Книга Don't Wake Up. Lawler Liz Don't Wake Up
Lawler Liz
Alex Taylor wakes up tied to an operating table. The man who stands over her isn't a doctor. The offer he makes her is utterly unspeakable. But when Alex re-awakens, she's unharmed - and no one believ

Книга Small Fry. Lisa Brennan-Jobs Small Fry
Lisa Brennan-Jobs
Born on a farm and named in a field by her parents - artist Chrisann Brennan and Steve Jobs - Lisa Brennan-Jobs' childhood unfolded in a rapidly changing Silicon Valley. When she was young, Lisa's fat

Книга Snow in the Garden: A First Book of Christmas. Hughes Shirley Snow in the Garden: A First Book of Christmas
Hughes Shirley
Please Read Notes: Brand New, International Softcover Edition, Printed in black and white pages, minor self wear on the cover or pages, Sale restriction may be printed on the book, but Book name, cont

Книга Wanting. Flanagan Richard Wanting
Flanagan Richard
This is now in paperback: a novel of magnificent power and reach from one of the most original and impressive novelists working in the English language today. In 1841, and in the remote penal colony o