Книга Alexander Rodchenko Alexander Rodchenko
Aleksandr Rodchenko was one of the main generators of creative ideas during the extraordinary time of the Russian avant-garde movements, and he perfectly reflected its spiritual atmosphere. In 1924, p

Книга Moscow. Splendours of the Romanovs. Tarasenko Ludmila Moscow. Splendours of the Romanovs
Tarasenko Ludmila
From 11 July to 13 September 2009 the Grimaldi Forum in Montecarlo presents an exhibition focused on Mother Russia during the Romanov era. The Romanov dynasty reigned over Russia for three hundred yea

Книга Socialist Realisms: Soviet Painting 1920-1970. Bown Matthew, Tregulova Zelfira, Petrova Evgenia Socialist Realisms: Soviet Painting 1920-1970
Bown Matthew, Tregulova Zelfira, Petrova Evgenia
The development of Soviet realist painting over fifty years through a selection of works from Russia's leading museums. Socialist realism remains an exceptional phenomenon in twentieth-century art. By

Книга The Glass of the Architects The Glass of the Architects
The second catalog dedicated to international developments in twentieth- century glass, after Glass from Finland in the Bischofberger Collection. Published in collaboration with the MAK Vienna and LE