Книга Chinese Characters in Pictures 1. Chun Wang Chinese Characters in Pictures 1
Chun Wang
In the two volumes of Chinese Characters in Pictures, about 200 commonly used Chinese characters are introduced and explained in terms of their structure and the way they symbolize their meaning. The

Книга Glimpses of Contemporary China - Home Sweet Home. Li Luxing Glimpses of Contemporary China - Home Sweet Home
Li Luxing
Exploring Contemporary China Series tells stories of ordinary Chinese peoples daily lives, and displays different aspects of Chinese society, which will help readers to gain a greater and real-to-life

Книга Mencius Says. Cai Xiqin Mencius Says
Cai Xiqin
The nuggets of wisdom uttered by the old men of the various ancient schools of thought have been compiled into this series. Explanatory notes and English translation are added for the benefit of both

Книга Old Frontiersman Losing His Horse. Liu Ju Old Frontiersman Losing His Horse
Liu Ju
Old Frontiersman is a senior on the frontier. Although he likes horses, he didn’t feel sad when he lost his horse, but when his lost horse returned with another horse, he became very worried. Later, w

Книга Sun Zi Says. Xiqin Cai Sun Zi Says
Xiqin Cai
Mo Zi Says, Guan Zi Says, Yan Zi Says and Han Fei Zi Says are the five new titles in the Wise Men Talking Series following Confucius Says, Mencius Says, Lao Zi Says, Sun Zi Says, and Zhuang Zi Says. T

Книга Современный китайский язык. Zhongwei Wu Современный китайский язык
Zhongwei Wu
Современный китайский язык для начинающих. Тетрадь с иероглифами. Workbooks - Contemporary Chinese.