Книга 500 Internet Hints, Tips, and Techniques. Dan Oliver 500 Internet Hints, Tips, and Techniques
Dan Oliver
500 Internet Hints, Tips and Techniques is the essential companion for anyone who wants to use the internet to its full potential, as a means of communicating (by computer, phone, or mobile device), p

Книга Art Directors Annual 86 Art Directors Annual 86
The best-selling, international review of the year's most innovative works in visual communication, this annual features, in full colour, the winners of the toughest competition in the field - the Art

Книга CD-art: Innovation in CD Packaging Design. Charlotte Rivers CD-art: Innovation in CD Packaging Design
Charlotte Rivers
The best-selling CD-Art captures the finest CD cover and packaging design from around the world, and provides an international showcase of innovative work. This timely updated version of the original

Книга Experimental Formats (v. 2). Roger Fawcett-Tang Experimental Formats (v. 2)
Roger Fawcett-Tang
Experimental Formats 2 builds on the success of Experimental Formats, bringing the subject bang up to date. It explores every aspect of designing the printed form, from single page to commercial packa

Книга Ideawise: Kitchens. Farris Jerri Ideawise: Kitchens
Farris Jerri
This book is a perfect preliminary planning guide - a place to find not only inspiration bou practical information on what it takes to remodel a kitchen.

Книга Ideawise: Storage. Paymar Matthew Ideawise: Storage
Paymar Matthew
More than 250 inspirational photographs, detailed diagrams, and complete step-by-step instructions help homeowners eliminate the clutter by creating a wide variety of innovative solutions for organizi

Книга Outsize. Chris Foges Outsize
Chris Foges
Outsize is the book for graphic designers needing to make their client's message stand out, but it is also of obvious appeal to those interested in the subject who can learn from the techniques of lar

Книга Packaging. Keith Stephenson Packaging
Keith Stephenson
DemoGraphics is the first series of design books to examine how successful designs target specific audiences. Where other design books explore the ‘what?’ and ‘why?’ of design, DemoGraphics: Packaging

Книга Print and Production Finishes for Bags, Labels, and Point of Purchase. Jessica Glaser Print and Production Finishes for Bags, Labels, and Point of Purchase
Jessica Glaser
By analyzing the best in the business, this book gives readers a thorough understanding of materials, and of the print and production finishes that can be applied to any job. With informative text and

Книга Print and Production Finishes for Sustainable Design. Edward Denison Print and Production Finishes for Sustainable Design
Edward Denison
Environmentally sound printing and production finishes are often one of the outcomes of a lengthy design process by companies dedicated to reducing their impact on the environment. This book includes

Книга Promo-Art. Charlotte Rivers Promo-Art
Charlotte Rivers
Features the best in international invitations, greetings, and business cards. Following the success of the previous titles in the Art series, Promo-Art features the best in international card design,

Книга The Graphic Eye. Stefan Bucher The Graphic Eye
Stefan Bucher
As visual creatives, graphic designers are well informed about photography. They often carry around a camera, but rarely share the same concerns as professional photographers. As a result, the photogr

Книга Type Specific: Designing Custom Fonts for Function and Identity. Charlotte Rivers Type Specific: Designing Custom Fonts for Function and Identity
Charlotte Rivers
Type Specific shows designers how typefaces designed for a specific purpose succeed by exploring each of the features that must be considered. These include letterforms, counterspaces, cross sections,