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Книга Alaia. Alaia Azzedine Alaia
Alaia Azzedine
A new edition of the only major monograph published on Alaia (1935-2017), which has been out of print for over a decade. Alaia was renowned for highly intricate form fitting couture with a sculptural

Книга Andrew Wyeth's Snow Hill. Duff James , Padon Thomas Andrew Wyeth's Snow Hill
Duff James , Padon Thomas
Perhaps nowhere else is Andrew Wyeth’s highly distinctive style more palpable, or moving, than in Snow Hill. His masterful tempera painting of 1989 provides a visual and poetic summary of the Chadds F

Книга Butterflies. Hawcock David Butterflies
Hawcock David
Children, students, nature lovers, and sophisticated bibliophiles alike will all find something to love in David Hawcock's gorgeous and compulsively readable Butterflies. Beautiful, collectible, and e

Книга Carlos Betancourt: Imperfect Utopia. Laster Paul, Thompson Robert Farris Carlos Betancourt: Imperfect Utopia
Laster Paul, Thompson Robert Farris
Mixed-media artist Carlos Betancourt and his influential studio, Imperfect Utopia, helped to launch the Miami art scene in the 1980’s. Betancourt’s oeuvre ?is a lush explosion of radiant, eccentric co

Книга Cliff May and the Modern Ranch House. Daniel P. Gregory Cliff May and the Modern Ranch House
Daniel P. Gregory
Cliff May’s modern homes epitomize the indoor-outdoor lifestyle characteristic of the American Dream, fusing the open plan/open living philosophy with the traditional ranch house. Starting in the 1930

Книга Daniel Lismore: Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken. Wallace Paula Daniel Lismore: Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken
Wallace Paula
Daniel Lismore is known for elaborate and extravagant ensembles that brilliantly combine haute couture with charity-shop finds, yards of vintage fabrics and tartans, found objects, ribbons, feathers,

Книга Gabellini. Michael Gabellini Gabellini
Michael Gabellini
Pared to programmatic essence, Michael Gabellini’s work emanates a serenity that belies an underlying complexity. His spaces unfold as intricately crafted, yet subtle stages for the interaction of vol

Книга Italiani si diventa. Severgnini Beppe Italiani si diventa
Severgnini Beppe
Cosa vuole dire aver fatto il bambino nell'Italia del boom, o l'adolescente negli anni Settanta? Lo spiega in questo libro Beppe Severgnini, classe 1956, giornalista. La collaudata ironia dell'autore

Книга Italiani di domani. 8 porte sul futuro. Con il nuovo capitolo «Dodici cose che ho imparato da voi». Severgnini Beppe Italiani di domani. 8 porte sul futuro. Con il nuovo capitolo «Dodici cose che ho imparato da voi»
Severgnini Beppe
L'Italia deve pensare in avanti. Non e un lusso, e una necessita. Con questo libro Beppe Severgnini ci spinge a "riprogrammare noi stessi e il nostro Paese (brutto verbo, bel proposito)". E offre agli

Книга Jed Johnson. Opulent Restraint. Jay Johnson Jed Johnson. Opulent Restraint
Jay Johnson
Jed Johnson: Opulent Restraint is the first book to chronicle the fascinating career, work and times of an interior design superstar whose life was cut short in 1996 by the disastrous explosion of TWA

Книга Louise Brooks. Peter Cowie Louise Brooks
Peter Cowie
Louise Brooks has become one of the most spectacular icons of early cinema. Her distinctive "bob" haircut looks as modern as they did when she first appeared in films in 1925. Louise Brooks was born o

Книга Made in Russia. Idov Michael Made in Russia
Idov Michael
An irreverent survey of surprisingly enduring icons of Soviet design. This knowing survey presents some of the more populist but nonetheless enduring work in graphic and industrial design that was a p

Книга Narciso Rodriguez. Narciso Rodriguez, Betsy Berne Narciso Rodriguez
Narciso Rodriguez, Betsy Berne
The two-time winner of the Best Designer of the Year Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and hailed as the king of minimalism, Narciso Rodriguez is poised to take his place in the

Книга Noah. Aronofsky Darren Noah
Aronofsky Darren
The film book tie-in for what will be the most talked about film of spring 2014: Darren Aronofsky's Noah, starring Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, and Anthony Hopkins. Following on the heels of his

Книга Pocket Gardens: Contemporary Japanese Miniature Designs. Michael Freeman, Noriko Sakai Pocket Gardens: Contemporary Japanese Miniature Designs
Michael Freeman, Noriko Sakai
Called tsubo-niwa after a unit of measurement that is two person-sized tatami mats placed side by side, the pocket garden has been a part of the Japanese architectural canon for thousands of years. Un

Книга Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren
In this visually stunning book, Ralph Lauren speaks candidly about himself and his art, including his most important, most iconic, and most beloved work handpicked from hundreds of runway shows, colle

Книга Ralph Lauren Deluxe. Lauren Ralph Ralph Lauren Deluxe
Lauren Ralph

Книга Richard Meier Houses and Apartments. Meier Richard Richard Meier Houses and Apartments
Meier Richard
This lavishly illustrated volume documents the residential works of master architect Richard Meier.

Книга Ryan McGinness: Works. Halley Peter Ryan McGinness: Works
Halley Peter
Ryan McGinness is an internationally exhibited artist whose skate-punk aesthetic incorporates carefully rendered personal iconography, contemporary semiotics, and layered neo-baroque compositions. His

Книга Shelton, Mindel & Associates: Architecture and Design Shelton, Mindel & Associates: Architecture and Design
The pristine interior design and residential architecture of the renowned firm Shelton, Mindel & Associates are celebrated in this first book on their work. Shelton, Mindel & Associates has been recei

Книга Stephen Burrows: When Fashion Danced Stephen Burrows: When Fashion Danced
This unprecedented volume documents the revolutionary work of African American fashion designer Stephen Burrows—celebrating some of the most innovative and vibrant years in American Fashion. In the la

Книга Stone Houses. Natural Forms in Historic and Modern Homes. Linda Leigh Paul Stone Houses. Natural Forms in Historic and Modern Homes
Linda Leigh Paul
Stone Houses presents more than twenty five new and recent projects that represent the most charming and innovative spaces for rustic living with a uniquely durable material that has withstood the tes

Книга Tokyolife: Art and Design. Ian Luna, Tom Mes, Jasper Sharp Tokyolife: Art and Design
Ian Luna, Tom Mes, Jasper Sharp
The divergent personalities profiled in this book have collectively engineered entirely new ways of seeing, expanding their influence well beyond Japan and into the arts of Asia, Western Europe, and N

Книга Ugo Di Pace: Interiors. Ugo Di Pace Ugo Di Pace: Interiors
Ugo Di Pace
A master of light, a genius with details and materials, and a connoisseur of art, Ugo di Pace established his reputation as one of the leading architects and interior designers in Brazil with a stunni

Книга Warhol Liz. Colacello Bob Warhol Liz
Colacello Bob
Andy Warhol's iconic portraits of Elizabeth Taylor are images that have lost none of their explosive power in the decades that separate the present from the moment of their making. Frequently hailed a

Книга Zio Vania. Cechov A. Zio Vania
Cechov A.
Tu dai tutte le colpe alle tue convinzioni di una volta… Ma la colpa non è loro, è tua. Dimentichi che una convinzione di per sé non è niente, è lettera morta… Quel che occorre è fare.