Pushkin Press

Книга A Replacement Life. Fishman Boris A Replacement Life
Fishman Boris
A failing young Russian American journalist's life is unexpectedly transformed when he forges Holocaust restitution claims for his rogue grandfather and his friends Young Russian immigrant Slava Gelma

Книга Beware of Pity. Zweig Beware of Pity
Stefan's Zweig' Beware of Pity (Ungeduld des Herzens) is an almost unbearably tense and powerful tale of unrequited love and the danger of pity. The famous novel is published by Pushkin Press, with a

Книга Binocular Vision. Pearlman Edith Binocular Vision
Pearlman Edith
Edith Pearlman's Binocular Vision are the collected stories of an award winning author who has been compared to Alice Munro, John Updike and even Chekhov Tenderly, observantly, incisively, Edith Pearl

Книга Confusion. Zweig Stefan Confusion
Zweig Stefan
IN THE AUTUMN of his days, a distinguished privy councillor contemplates his past, looking back at the key moments of his life. A reluctant and indolent student, he recalls the chance meeting with a p

Книга Fear. Zweig Fear
A bourgeois housewife's affair is discovered, and a blackmailer turns her comfortable life into a nightmare of apprehension. Finding her comfortable bourgeois existence as wife and mother tedious afte

Книга Petersburg. Bely Andrei Petersburg
Bely Andrei
Petersburg is a story of family dysfunction, parricide, political terror, conspiracy and murder, but it also points to apocalypse and redemption. The world of history - the revolution of 1905 - and th

Книга Popular Hits of the Showa Era. Murakami Popular Hits of the Showa Era
Born in 1952 in Nagasaki prefecture, Ryu Murakami is the enfant terrible of contemporary Japanese literature. Awarded the prestigious Akutagawa Prize in 1976 for his first book, a novel about a group

Книга Rasputin and Other Ironies Rasputin and Other Ironies
Ranging from portraits of Rasputin and Lenin to observations on the Russian Revolution, and from profiles of cultural figures to moving domestic scenes, this short collection includes writings by the

Книга Subtly Worded. Teffi Nadezhda Subtly Worded
Teffi Nadezhda
Teffi's genius with the short form made her a literary star in pre-revolutionary Russia, beloved by Tsar Nicholas II and Vladimir Lenin alike. These stories, taken from the whole of her career, show t

Книга The Break. Grossi Pietro The Break
Grossi Pietro
Dino is a placid, unambitious man. Living in a small provincial town, his only passion is billiards - he spends his evenings in the local billiards parlor honing his technique. One day, however, his q

Книга The World of Yesterday. Memoirs of a European. Zweig Stefan The World of Yesterday. Memoirs of a European
Zweig Stefan
Austrian writer Stefan Zweig's final work, posted to his publisher the day before his tragic death, brings the destruction of a war-torn Europe vividly to life. Written as both a recollection of the p

Книга The Buddha's Return. Gazdanov G. The Buddha's Return
Gazdanov G.
A millionaire is killed. A golden statuette of a Buddha goes missing. A penniless student, who is afflicted by dream-like fits, is arrested and accused of murder. In typically crisp, unfussy prose, Ga