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Книга Drawing in Space Drawing in Space
Did you know that the universe is expanding even as you read this? That stargazing is really looking back in time millions of years, and that sound cannot travel in space, so you can be as noisy as yo

Книга Small Scale: Creative Solutions for Better City Living. Keith Moskow Small Scale: Creative Solutions for Better City Living
Keith Moskow
Think big, design small. This is the rallying cry of a new generation of architects and artists who aim to improve the lives of city-dwellers through small-scale public design projects. Using the city

Книга True Life: Steven Harris Architects. Steven Harris True Life: Steven Harris Architects
Steven Harris
Effortless and inevitable are architect Steven Harris's two favorite words. With sensitivity to the surrounding landscape, Harris designs homes custom-made to his client's daily-lived experience. His

Книга В студии художника (на английском языке). Fioriglio Joseph В студии художника (на английском языке)
Fioriglio Joseph
"Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work". Chuck Close Inside an art gallery, it is easy to forget that the paintings there are the end products of a process involving