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Книга Best-Loved Irish Legends. Massey Eithne Best-Loved Irish Legends
Massey Eithne
Stories from long, long ago, part of an ancient oral tradition, handed down from generation to generation and written down by the Christian monks of medieval Ireland. Includes The Salmon of Knowledge,

Книга Irish Proverbs & Sayings. Cashman Seamus Irish Proverbs & Sayings
Cashman Seamus
The priest's pig gets the most porridge. In this illustrated collection of blarney from all over the Emerald Isle, no one escapes the barb: the clergy, the miser, the drinker, the foreigner, the chast

Книга Marooned in Manhattan. Agnew Sheila Marooned in Manhattan
Agnew Sheila
New York City. Evie Brooks had seen it on the TV, but suddenly finds herself leaving her home in Dublin and moving to Manhattan to her American uncle Scott, after the death of her mother. Never owned

Книга Milo and One Dead Angry Druid. Arrigan Mary Milo and One Dead Angry Druid
Arrigan Mary
On the Bring-Something-Old-to-School day, Milo's best friend Shane brings part of a carved ancient stone from his granny's wild garden. When it is presented in class, Willie Jones's lizard goes crazy

Книга The Big Brother. Dagg Stephanie The Big Brother
Dagg Stephanie
Dara's mum is going to have a new baby. So, Dara will soon be a big brother! Being a big brother isn't going to be easy so Dara decides to practise. But what does a big brother do for a little baby? A

Книга The Little Black Sheep. Shaw Elizabeth The Little Black Sheep
Shaw Elizabeth
This charming book tells the adventures of an outcast little black sheep and how he saved the whole flock in a snowstorm and gave the shepherd a bright idea. That put the bossy sheepdog in its place!