Книга City Appartments. Aranquiz Antonio City Appartments
Aranquiz Antonio
City Apartments by Aranquiz Antonio.

Книга Drink and Food Spaces (English & Spanish). Oscar Mira Vazquez Drink and Food Spaces (English & Spanish)
Oscar Mira Vazquez
Drink & Food Spaces introduces the latest projects from a range of outstanding international architects and designers. The innovative and enterprising designs range from beautiful combinations of ligh

Книга Hotel Design. Minguet Josep Hotel Design
Minguet Josep
Появление большого количества новых гостиниц потребовало от архитекторов и проектировщиков новых разработок во внешнем и внутреннем оформлении зданий. Дизайн, стиль, характер гостиниц тесно связаны с

Книга Houses: New Living Spaces. Minguet Josep Houses: New Living Spaces
Minguet Josep
At the start of the new millenium there still continued to be a question mark over the family residence with regars to its design, production and concept. The family house continues to represent a pop

Книга I Love Badges. Eva Minguet I Love Badges
Eva Minguet
Examples of badge design from the 1950's to the present day covering political, cultural and commercial topics.

Книга Light Design. Minguet Josep Light Design
Minguet Josep
Minguet Josep Light Design.

Книга Making the Most Out of Space. Antonio Corcuera Aranguiz Making the Most Out of Space
Antonio Corcuera Aranguiz
The projects presented in this volume are the result of changes made in private residences. The objective of these interventions is to enlarge spaces, personalize rooms, improve the distribution of sp

Книга Pure Design. Minguet Josep Pure Design
Minguet Josep

Книга Remodelling City Apartments Remodelling City Apartments
Remodels offer opportunities for adaptation on several levels: Change in use of a space, change in spatial layout or spatial interrelations, change in connection to the greater exterior environment, o

Книга Small Office Home Office (English & Spanish) Small Office Home Office (English & Spanish)
The idea of what we traditionally perceive to be the work place is changing. As more and more people elect either to work from home or star home-based businesses (out of choice or necessity), the need