Macmillan Children's Books

Книга Busy Santa. Board book. Jatkowska A. Busy Santa. Board book
Jatkowska A.
Santa's got a busy day ahead! Help him wrap up the presents, load up the sleigh, fly through the sky and deliver all the gifts on Christmas Eve. Children will love playing with the easy-to-handle mech

Книга London Bus. Billet Marion London Bus
Billet Marion
Young children just love things that go, and here is a book they will spend hours pushing along the floor as well as reading! Follow the red bus around the streets of London visiting the sights, with

Книга Poems to Perform. A Classic Collection Chosen by the Children's Laureate. Donaldson Julia Poems to Perform. A Classic Collection Chosen by the Children's Laureate
Donaldson Julia
In this collection, Julia Donaldson has chosen poems with performance by children in mind, and in the notes section at the end of the book are her notes and ideas on performing them. Julia's passionat

Книга Rosie's Hat. Donaldson Julia, Currey Anna Rosie's Hat
Donaldson Julia, Currey Anna
Rosie's Hat isn't just any old hat. When a gust of wind sweeps it off her head, it goes off on a whole hatful of adventures! It becomes a toy for a dog, a hiding-place for a mouse, a frisbee for some

Книга Shuffle and Squelch. Donaldson Julia Shuffle and Squelch
Donaldson Julia
Bright, bold and accessible, this collection of rhymes and poems for children is perfect for joining in. There are animal rhymes, rhymes to make you shuffle and squelch and clatter and patter, and rhy

Книга The Paper Dolls. Donaldson Julia, Cobb Rebecca The Paper Dolls
Donaldson Julia, Cobb Rebecca
A string of paper dolls go on a fantastical adventure through the house and out into the garden. They soon escape the clutches of the toy dinosaur and the snapping jaws of the oven-glove crocodile, bu

Книга The Smartest Giant in Town Sticker Book. Donaldson Julia The Smartest Giant in Town Sticker Book
Donaldson Julia
Join George, the kindest giant you'll ever meet, in this must-have sticker book based on the bestselling The Smartest Giant in Town. Packed with games, activities and hundreds of stickers, this book i

Книга The Santa Trap. Jonathan Emmett The Santa Trap
Jonathan Emmett
Meet a boy with a dastardly plan - to ruin Christmas! Bradley Bartleby is bad, very bad. He's greedy and naughty and selfish and spoilt - and Santa Claus knows it. But when beastly Bradley empties his