Книга Annette Messager. Grenier Catherine Annette Messager
Grenier Catherine
The definitive monograph of Annette Messager, covering her multifaceted oeuvre from immersive installations to intricate taxidermy, now updated and expanded in collaboration with the artist. Annette M

Книга CCCP Cook Book. Syutkin Pavel, Syutkin Olga CCCP Cook Book
Syutkin Pavel, Syutkin Olga
This book contains over 60 recipes, each introduced with an insightful historical story or anecdote, and an accompanying image, spanning such delicacies as aspic, borscht, caviar and herring, by way o

Книга Chosen. Cast P.C., Cast Kristin Chosen
Cast P.C., Cast Kristin
I guess it had gone okay with Stevie Rae. I mean, she had agreed to meet me tomorrow. And she hadn't tried to bite me, which was a plus. Of course, the whole trying-to-eat-the-street-person thing was

Книга Concealed in Death. Robb J.D. Concealed in Death
Robb J.D.
There is nothing unusual about billionaire Roarke supervising work on his new property - but when he takes a ceremonial swing at the first wall to be knocked down, he uncovers the body of a girl. And

Книга Improbable Libraries. Johnson Alex Improbable Libraries
Johnson Alex
From the rise of the egalitarian Little Free Library movement (motto: Take a book, return a book) to the growth in luxury hotel libraries, Alex Johnson whose parents were both librarians maps out the

Книга Marked. Cast P.C., Cast Kristin Marked
Cast P.C., Cast Kristin
When sixteen-year-old Zoey Redbird gets Marked as a fledgling vampire she must join the House of Night school where she will train to become an adult vampire. That is, if she makes it through the Chan

Книга Neferet's Curse. Cast P.C., Cast Kristin Neferet's Curse
Cast P.C., Cast Kristin
The all-new House of Night Novellas delve into the backgrounds of some of the Tulsa House of Night's most important - and mysterious - professors.

Книга Road Atlas: Europe PB Road Atlas: Europe PB
Fully revised and updated for 2014, this specialist A4 road atlas designed for the British motorist in Europe. The atlas includes information on national speed limits, emergency telephone numbers and

Книга Russia and the Arts: The Age of Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky. Blakesley Rosalind P. , Karpova Tatiana L. Russia and the Arts: The Age of Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky
Blakesley Rosalind P. , Karpova Tatiana L.
Russia and the Arts: The Age of Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky explores the history of Russian portraiture between 1867 and 1914, a time of great cultural vibrancy in the country and a golden age of the Russ

Книга Russian Lacquer: The Museum of Lacquer Art Collection. Kopplin Monika, Hemmerle Franz Russian Lacquer: The Museum of Lacquer Art Collection
Kopplin Monika, Hemmerle Franz
The Museum of Lacquer Art in M?nster houses the most extensive collection of Russian lacquer art outside of the Russian Federation. Dating from the early nineteenth-century to the 1950s, the lacquer m

Книга Soviet Space Dogs. Turkina Olesya, Murray Damon, Cannon Inna Soviet Space Dogs
Turkina Olesya, Murray Damon, Cannon Inna
This book is dedicated to the Soviet Space Dogs, who played a crucial part in the Soviet Space program. These homeless dogs, plucked from the streets of Moscow, were selected because they fitted the p

Книга Untamed. Cast P.C., Cast Kristin Untamed
Cast P.C., Cast Kristin
A week ago Zoey had a group of special friends, three boyfriends and a (kinda) clear conscience. Now she has none of the above. Luckily ice-queen Aphrodite is showing signs of melting and ex-roomie St