Книга Crossfire. Miyabe M. Crossfire
Miyabe M.
Young, pretty Junko Aoki has an extraordinary ability she can start fires through sheer force of will. When she begins using her gift of pyrokinesis to take the law into her own hands and punish viole

Книга Shadow Family. Miyabe M. Shadow Family
Miyabe M.
In Shadow Family, Miyuki Miyabe draws readers into the amorphous world of Internet chat rooms-a world of people from all walks of life attracted by the possibility of being whomever they want to be. P

Книга The Unencumbered Spirit: Reflections of a Chinese Sage. Ying-ming Hung The Unencumbered Spirit: Reflections of a Chinese Sage
Ying-ming Hung
We know almost nothing of Hung Ying-ming, except that he lived around the end of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) and that he was extraordinarily well-read and cultured. The Unencumbered Spirit is his cla