Книга A House to Let. Dickens Charles A House to Let
Dickens Charles
Compiled by Charles Dickens, and including chapters by Elizabeth Gaskell and Wilkie Collins, "A House to Let" is a composite tale of mystery and intrigue set amid the dark streets of Victorian London.

Книга The Rich Boy. F. Scott Fitzgerald The Rich Boy
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Undisputed king of jazz-age writing, F. Scott Fitzgerald perfectly encapsulated all the glamour and despair of 1920s' society. These three short stories are supreme examples of his craft. With wealth

Книга The Three Fat Men. Olesha Yuri The Three Fat Men
Olesha Yuri
Boasting a veritable menagerie of characters, including dancing instructors, pies, and talking parrots, and written in the Franco-Italian story-telling tradition, The Three Fat Men, unquestionably the

Книга The Forged Coupon. Tolstoy Leo The Forged Coupon
Tolstoy Leo
Tolstoy's final novella, The Forged Coupon is an ingenious study of the destructive powers of evil set against a brilliant depiction of Russian life.Inescapably in thrall to the power his crimes bring