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Книга China A-Z. Strittmatter Kai China A-Z
Strittmatter Kai
All Chinese look the same, some say and the same goes for Americans. How much do we really know about China? Did you know that they don't eat soup they drink it? And not before, but after a meal? That

Книга Cleopatra. Life & Times. Jones Prudence Cleopatra. Life & Times
Jones Prudence
This biography concentrates on Cleopatra’s ever-shifting identity. Depending on the audience, she might present herself as a goddess, a political leader, or an alluring and exotic woman. Roman statesm

Книга Neville Chamberlain. Macklin Graham Neville Chamberlain
Macklin Graham
Neville Chamberlain, the Conservative politician, was prime minister from 1937-40. When Baldwin retired in 1937, Chamberlain was his natural successor. By then there was a single dominant issue in wor