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Книга Booker Winners & Others II Booker Winners & Others II
Excerpts from the novels shortlisted for the third Booker Russian Novel Prize read like complete stories and are followed by summaries of the novels and authors' notes. Included are: Bulat Okudzhava (

Книга Red Bread. Genis Alexander Red Bread
Genis Alexander
These literary pieces by one of Russia's foremost essayists reflect the author's bi-culturalism – Russian and American civilizations are compared in their various manifestations. Genis is a shrewd and

Книга Soviet Grotesque, vol.2. Perova Natasha Soviet Grotesque, vol.2
Perova Natasha
This issue of Glas has a subtitle Soviet Grotesque and our subsequent numbers will follow a similar pattern, dealing with such themes as The Woman's View and The Jews in Russia. We hope this approach

Книга The Lair Collected Works. Latynin Leonid The Lair Collected Works
Latynin Leonid
Leonid Latynin was born in a small town on the Volga and raised by his old grandmother on old religious books and Russian folklore. Since childhood he has been fascinated with pre-Christian Russian cu

Книга The Face-Maker and the Muse. Leonid Latynin The Face-Maker and the Muse
Leonid Latynin
An anti-utopian novel about a society where success depends on the degree of a person's likeness to the Model Face.

Книга Things That Happened. Slutsky Boris Things That Happened
Slutsky Boris
Boris Slutsky has now emerged as one of Russia's great twentieth-century poets. Unlike his contemporary Solzhenitsyn, this once ardent Stalinist remained inside the Soviet literary establishment, and