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Книга Behind Bars. Design for Cafés & Bars Behind Bars. Design for Cafés & Bars
Behind Bars, dgv’s first release in collaboration with Frame Publishers, features 40 innovative venues located in every corner of the world. An inspiring compilation, the book covers a broad spectrum

Книга Black Magic, White Noise. R. Klanten Black Magic, White Noise
R. Klanten
Black Magic, White Noise presents an unsettling and fascinating collection of visuals focusing on the physical and the psychological as interpreted by contemporary designers from around the globe. Fro

Книга BLK/MRKT One. R. Klanten BLK/MRKT One
R. Klanten
BLK/MRKT Gallery was created as a way to present emerging talent as well as compelling urban and fine art. BLK/MRKT ONE presents the gallery’s artists and their work, including both up-and-coming and

The BLK/MRKT Gallery in Los Angeles is one of the most influential galleries for new contemporary art. Rich with striking images, BLK/MRKT TWO presents current work from a selection of artists associa

Книга Boxed and Labelled: New Approaches to Packaging Design: 2. Robert Klanten Boxed and Labelled: New Approaches to Packaging Design: 2
Robert Klanten
The suggestive power of packaging as a communication tool. Packaging is the face of a product. Packaging not only gives a product its visual identity, but it can also determine where that product is p

Книга Bright: Architectural Illumination and Light Installations. Lowther Claire Bright: Architectural Illumination and Light Installations
Lowther Claire
The use of light and illumination in architecture and design is currently evolving and making an increasingly significant impact on various creative disciplines. Today, architects use light installati

Книга Classique: Cover Art for Classical Music. Horst Scherg Classique: Cover Art for Classical Music
Horst Scherg
"Classique" introduces 777 of the most inspiring classical LP covers from their heyday, documenting groundbreaking art work and cover culture that is typical for the epoch. In the same way that an att

Книга Desire: The Shape of Things to Come. R. Klanten Desire: The Shape of Things to Come
R. Klanten
Design in the 21st Century has liberated itself from industrial conditions and the associated physical demands. With new technology, expanded choice of materials and the practice of luxurious craftsma

Книга Fifty (+ DVD). Diesel Fifty (+ DVD)
Fifty, published in celebration of its president and founder Renzo Rosso’s 50th birthday, is a book that displays the unique Diesel creativity, attitude, lifestyle and philosophy reflected in its coll

Книга Friends With You Have Powers!. Sam Borkson Friends With You Have Powers!
Sam Borkson
Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval may be based in Miami but the strange worlds they create are way out there in another dimension. Their modest mission is to spread an intelligent look at the world with

Книга Gepflegt: KRASS. BrandBody & Soul (bilingual German/English). Richard Feurer Gepflegt: KRASS. BrandBody & Soul (bilingual German/English)
Richard Feurer
Youth culture and brands have always had a convoluted relationship both influencing and feeding off each other alike. The term “gepflegt krass” is German slang used mainly by youth culture for awesome

Книга Hi-ReS! Amantes sunt Amentes (+ DVD). A. Jugovic Hi-ReS! Amantes sunt Amentes (+ DVD)
A. Jugovic
Over the last years, Hi-ReS! has established itself as one of the world’s leading studios in the realisation and implementation of sophisticated interactive commercial projects. Its strength lies not

Книга Informotion: Animated Infographics. FInke Tim Informotion: Animated Infographics
FInke Tim
The first reference book on the fundamentals of animated information graphics. At the nexus of design and journalism, the field of information graphics offers some of the most exciting and dynamic wor

Книга Into the Nature: Of Creatures And Wilderness. R. Klanten Into the Nature: Of Creatures And Wilderness
R. Klanten
young generation of designers, illustrators and artists are taking nature as a starting point and bestowing upon it great importance. Into the Nature takes you on a visual exploration through nature a

Книга Julien Vallee: Rock, Paper, Scissors (+ DVD). Vallee Julien Julien Vallee: Rock, Paper, Scissors (+ DVD)
Vallee Julien
The young Canadian designer Julien Vall e is a leading expert at melding a variety of analog and digital design techniques into outstanding work. The graphic designer and art director Julien Vall e re

Книга Kelvin. Colour Today. R. Klanten Kelvin. Colour Today
R. Klanten
Kelvin investigates today’s evolving perception and application of colour. Structured into chapters that each focus on a single colour, the book documents some of the effects of the deliberate use of

Книга Lemon Poppy Seed: Multitasking Creativity. R. Klanten Lemon Poppy Seed: Multitasking Creativity
R. Klanten
A new generation of talent is currently developing its own interdisciplinary and refreshingly off-key visual vocabulary. Lemon Poppy Seed is a compilation of work by young, international artists whose

Книга Lingua Grafica. English edition. Heinrich Paravicini Lingua Grafica. English edition
Heinrich Paravicini
Having created logos and icons for clients such as adidas and Greenpeace, Hamburg-based design studio Mutabor assembled their best work in Lingua Grafica. A documented, dissected and contextualised co

Книга Lingua Universalis. Global Wordless Understanding. Heinrich Paravicini Lingua Universalis. Global Wordless Understanding
Heinrich Paravicini
This book follows up on the success of dgv’s bestseller Lingua Grafica, which has established itself as a leading tool for guiding international designers in their everyday work. The expectations of f

Книга Lost Control. Neasden Control Centre Lost Control
Neasden Control Centre
Lost Control is the self-deprecating title of the new publication by Neasden Control Centre. The book presents graphic design, installations and collages in NCC’s incomparable style that always comes

Книга Mutabor: I'm Going to Change. Heinrich Paravicini Mutabor: I'm Going to Change
Heinrich Paravicini
The design studio Mutabor is primarily known for its succinct logos and icons that have also been presented in dgv bestsellers Lingua Grafica and Lingua Universalis. Mutabor is Latin and literally mea

Книга NeoGeo. A New Edge to Abstraction. R. Klanten NeoGeo. A New Edge to Abstraction
R. Klanten
NeoGeo documents the new flirtation with geometrical forms and solid colours in today’s design. The examples in the book make it clear that this current trend to abstract work is not a nostalgic pheno

Книга Neubau Welt. Stefan Gandl Neubau Welt
Stefan Gandl
Neubau Welt is an extensive encyclopaedia of well over a thousand pictograms of everyday objects and obsessions large and small. Created by Stefan Gandl and his Neubau team, all of the objects shown i

Книга Object that Dreams Object that Dreams
Tokyo-based duo Zoren Gold & Minori’s contemporary approach to surreal photography has led them to combine photography, illustration, collage and graphic design, blurring the line between fiction and

Книга Papercraft 2 (+ DVD). Robert Klanten Papercraft 2 (+ DVD)
Robert Klanten
With an unparalleled collection of new and groundbreaking projects, PAPERCRAFT 2 is an inspiring up-to-the-minute survey of current developments in contemporary design with paper. In addition to more

Книга Play Loud!. R. Klanten Play Loud!
R. Klanten
Football (or Soccer as it is called in the US) is unquestionably THE most popular and celebrated sport worldwide. Children start kicking the ball around the streets and playgrounds at a young age, mos

Книга Printing Things. Visions and Essentials for 3D Printing. Warnier Claire Printing Things. Visions and Essentials for 3D Printing
Warnier Claire
3D printers will soon be found in more and more workshops, offices, and homes. With them, we will be able to print out small pieces of furniture, prototypes, replacement parts, and even a new toothbru

Книга Remastered. Fifty-Five Contemporary Artists Revisit Old Masters. S. Agneessens Remastered. Fifty-Five Contemporary Artists Revisit Old Masters
S. Agneessens
Fifty-five young, international artists have “remastered” celebrated works from “Guernica” by Pablo Picaso and “Gabrielle d’Estree and Her Sister” by Ecole de Fontainbleau to “The Kiss” by Gustav Klim

Книга Romantik. R. Klanten Romantik
R. Klanten
Romantik presents classical romantic elements in outstanding examples of contemporary illustration, photography and graphic design. While making a clear reference to nineteenth century Romanticism, th

Книга Serialize: Family Faces and Variety in Graphic Design. R. Klanten Serialize: Family Faces and Variety in Graphic Design
R. Klanten
Creating a range of designs with a recognizable and continual element is a standard requirement well observed by many designers. Serial design can be seen everywhere from magazine covers to posters, l