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Книга Absurdistan Passport Journal Absurdistan Passport Journal
Take a round-the-world trip and bring back a timeless souvenir. Our Passport Journals will allow you to revisit your memories and fulfill that wanderlust long after your travels have been completed. T

Книга Annoying ABC. Bottner Barbara Annoying ABC
Bottner Barbara
Why would you want to read An annoying ABC? Because after Adelaide annoyed Bailey, and Bailey blamed Clyde, and Clyde cried, and Dexter drooled on Eloise, and Eloise elbowed Flora... well, something r

Книга ART123: Count from 1 to 12 with Great Works of Art. Zuffi Stefano ART123: Count from 1 to 12 with Great Works of Art
Zuffi Stefano
Children will learn to count from 1 to 12 while looking at fine art masterpieces in this lively new book. Cats by Gainsborough, boats by Van Gogh, a circle of dancers by Matisse, a king and queen scul

Книга Blast Off with Doodle Tom. Gravel Elise Blast Off with Doodle Tom
Gravel Elise
Cartoon-style boy-astronaut Doodle Tom and his sidekick Astrocat take kids on a doodle odyssey through space. Offers over 40 space-related topics, with each spread or double spread featuring info on t

Книга Blood Rain. Dibdin Michael Blood Rain
Dibdin Michael
In the seventh book of the acclaimed Aurelio Zen series, the Italian police detective finally receives the order he has been dreading all his professional life - his next posting is to Sicily. Indeed

Книга Chinaman's Chance. Ross Thomas Chinaman's Chance
Ross Thomas
Artie Wu and Quincy Durant, one of Southern California's unlikeliest pairs, find that the local mix-up they are looking into has suddenly expanded in space, from Vietnam to Washington, and in time, th

Книга Death by Chick Lit. Lynn Harris Death by Chick Lit
Lynn Harris
Someone is killing off the competition in the world of chick lit-and the results are hilarious. (Andy Borowitz, author of The Borowitz Report: The Big Book of Shockers) Lola Somerville has a husband a

Книга Doodle Time. Meyers Nancy Doodle Time
Meyers Nancy
Packed with dot-to-dot drawings to help young children with holding a pen correctly while familiarizing themselves with telling the time. Young doodlers can then enjoy joining the dots to draw the han

Книга Dragon, Robot, Gatorbunny. Brown Calef Dragon, Robot, Gatorbunny
Brown Calef
A book for doodling, drawing, laughing, and imagining! Featuring the humourous art of Calef Brown and a wonderful menagerie to stretch and inspire your artistic talents (whether large or small), plus

Книга Heidegger and a Hippo Walk Through Those Pearly Gates. Cathcart Thomas, Klein Daniel Heidegger and a Hippo Walk Through Those Pearly Gates
Cathcart Thomas, Klein Daniel
From the authors of the bestselling "Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar", an uproarious new book on the meaning of death (and life, too) The new book by the bestselling authors of "Plato and a Platy

Книга Henry Road Memo Mousepad Henry Road Memo Mousepad
Abstract flowers in raspberry and burnt orange decorate this notepad, designed to do double duty as a mouse pad. In fact, if your notepad and your mouse pad are always fighting it out on your desk—or

Книга Houses, Casas, Hauser. Alejandro Bahamon Houses, Casas, Hauser
Alejandro Bahamon
The unique and notable work being done by contemporary architects is generously presented in this illustrated volume. Their designs can be understood as homes intended to be interpretations of life an

Книга I Am.... Clark M.H. I Am...
Clark M.H.
While they're busy learning, exploring, and asking questions, kids are also busy growing. And while they're growing, it's so much fun for them to keep track of their progress! This board book unfolds

Книга Innocent in Death. J. D. Robb Innocent in Death
J. D. Robb
The phenomenal series set in a future New York City returns as NYPSD Lt. Eve Dallas hunts for the killer of a seemingly ordinary history teacher-and uncovers some extraordinary surprises. Craig Foster

Книга Jane and the Barque of Frailty. Stephanie Barron Jane and the Barque of Frailty
Stephanie Barron
In her latest spellbinding escapade, Jane Austen arrives in London to watch over the printing of her first novel, and finds herself embroiled in a crime that could end more than her career. For it is

Книга King Arthur. Goodrich Norma Lorre King Arthur
Goodrich Norma Lorre
The many readers who are enthralled with the enduring legend of Camelot will be drawn to this fascinating book, which may become the definitive work in the effort to prove the historical authenticity

Книга Lenin and the Russian Revolution. Salomoni Antonella Lenin and the Russian Revolution
Salomoni Antonella
In February 1917, the centuries-old empire of the Czars collapses. Eight months later, revolutionaries under Lenin's leadership, take power. Few would have gambled on this government of inexperienced

Книга Love and Folly. Selected Fables and Tales of La Fontaine. Jean de La Fontaine Love and Folly. Selected Fables and Tales of La Fontaine
Jean de La Fontaine
Universally admired for his fables and contes (tales), Jean de La Fontaine (1621-1695) epitomised France's Great Century with his elegant style, emotional profundity and ready wit. This selection by a

Книга Michelin Britain Road Atlas 2013 Michelin Britain Road Atlas 2013
Discover the best that Britain has to offer with this invaluable road atlas, featuring intricately detailed mapping, easy-fold out binding, and 80 town center maps. Import.

Книга Midnight Bloom Memo Mousepad Midnight Bloom Memo Mousepad
Decorated with an abstract motif of night-blooming flowers in black and white, accented with dark blue and pink, this large notepad can double as a mouse pad. In fact, if your notepad and your mouse p

Книга Monday Is One Day. Arthur A. Levine Monday Is One Day
Arthur A. Levine
A love note from a working parent to a child, counting the days of the week - each one a special opportunity to spend time together. One by one, the days of the week roll by. Monday is one day, Tuesda

Книга Mother Russia. Littell Robert Mother Russia
Littell Robert
A riveting thriller about crime and punishment in Soviet-era Moscow. Like the Arkady Renko novels of Martin Cruz Smith, Robert Littell's masterful Mother Russia transports readers back in time and beh

Книга My First Love Affair and Other Stories. Arthur Zaidenberg, Sholom Aleichem My First Love Affair and Other Stories
Arthur Zaidenberg, Sholom Aleichem
Twenty selections include humorous, touching tales about life in the shtetl, lovingly translated from the Yiddish with all the warmth and spirit of the originals. Features Progress in Kasrilevke, Summ

Книга Partisan Warfare on the Eastern Front 1941-1944. Cornish Nik Partisan Warfare on the Eastern Front 1941-1944
Cornish Nik
Between 1941 and 1944, in the war on the Eastern Front, Soviet partisans fought a ruthless underground campaign behind the German lines. During those three terrible years of occupation, they spied on

Книга Pickles to Pittsburgh. Barrett Judi Pickles to Pittsburgh
Barrett Judi
In this charming sequel to the classic "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs", Kate and Henry eagerly await Grandpa's return from a vacation that his postcard says has been one of the best and most unusu

Книга Prokofiev Sergei the Love for Three Oranges Vocal Score. Prokofiev Sergei Prokofiev Sergei the Love for Three Oranges Vocal Score
Prokofiev Sergei
One of the most delightful and witty Russian operas, The Love of Three Oranges was composed by Prokofiev in 1919 and first performed at the Chicago Opera House with Prokofiev conducting in 1921. This

Книга Promises in Death. Robb J.D. Promises in Death
Robb J.D.
#1 New York Times - bestselling author J. D. Robb takes us to the New York City of 2060, where Lieutenant Eve Dallas faces down a cop killer. Amarylis Coltraine may have recently transferred to the Ne

Книга Rabbit and Turtle Journal. Kevin Hawkes Rabbit and Turtle Journal
Kevin Hawkes
The tortoise and the hare seem old friends on the cover of this journal, as the turtle kicks his heels and the rabbit looks on. This slim, medium-format book has vividly colored and patterned spines a

Книга Red Fortress: History and Illusion in the Kremlin. Merridalе Catherine Red Fortress: History and Illusion in the Kremlin
Merridalе Catherine
The Kremlin is the heart of the Russian state, its very name a byword for enduring power. From Ivan the Terrible to Vladimir Putin, generations of Russian leaders have sought to use the Kremlin to leg

Книга Rita Mae Brown Omnibus. Brown Rita Mae Rita Mae Brown Omnibus
Brown Rita Mae
Rita Mae Brown and her literary feline sidekick Sneaky Pie Brown are back with a third omnibus of clever sleuthing by postmistress Mary Minor "Harry" Haristeen and her feline sidekick Mrs. Murphy. For