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Книга Hamlet. Shakespeare William Hamlet
Shakespeare William
A young prince meets with his father's ghost, who alleges that his own brother, now married to his widow, murdered him. The prince devises a scheme to test the truth of the ghost's accusation, feignin

Книга Moby-Dick. Melville Herman Moby-Dick
Melville Herman
Journey to the heart of the sea with this larger than life classic. Regarded as a Great American Novel, Moby Dick is the ultimate tale of seeking vengeance. Narrated by the crew member Ishmael, this e

Книга The Picture of Dorian Gray. Wilde Oscar The Picture of Dorian Gray
Wilde Oscar
Dorian Gray is young, arrogant, and devastatingly handsome. Confronted by his beauty in the form of a portrait, and struck by the terrible realization that he will age, Dorian wishes to retain his cha

Книга Vanity Fair. Thackeray William Vanity Fair
Thackeray William
Brilliant anti-heroine Becky Sharp will do anything to climb to society's loftiest heights and couldn't be more different from her rich, sweet-natured schoolmate, Amelia Sedley. Their parallel lives a