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Книга A Christmas Carol (+ Audio CD). Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol (+ Audio CD)
Charles Dickens
A Christmas Carol is the first and the most famous of the five books that Dickens wrote to celebrate the spiritual values of Christmas.

Книга A Message from a Ghost (+ Audio CD). Hutchinson Andrea M. A Message from a Ghost (+ Audio CD)
Hutchinson Andrea M.
Bella and her friends, Elise and Gracie, are going on a school trip. But then they get lost. They set out to find their school friends and the youth hostel where they should be staying but before they

Книга Aladin. M. Escoussans Aladin
M. Escoussans
A magician tricks Aladdin, but when Aladdin rubs an old lamp a genie comes out, and life is never the same again, for him or his mum! Despite the magician's plots, Aladdin manages to keep the magic la

Книга Albert Einstein (+ Audio CD). Sabine Werner Albert Einstein (+ Audio CD)
Sabine Werner
This fascinating biography tells the amazing story of the great scientist Albert Einstein: his unhappy childhood, his abandonment of Germany, his life in Switzerland, his difficulty in having his work

Книга Ali Baba et les 40 voleurs. C. E. White, C. Durand Ali Baba et les 40 voleurs
C. E. White, C. Durand
Ali Baba’s life changes on the day he sees forty thieves hiding their treasure in a secret cave and hears the thieves’ leader say the words ‘Open Sesame’ to get into the cave. But before Ali and his f

Книга Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland (+ Audio CD). Carroll Lewis Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland (+ Audio CD)
Carroll Lewis
Join Alice as she follows the white rabbit into the amazing world of Wonderland, where anything can happen! Watch Alice change size, meet the Mad Hatter and his friend, the March Hare, talk to the smi

Книга Alien Alert in Seattle (+ Audio CD). Gina Clemen Alien Alert in Seattle (+ Audio CD)
Gina Clemen
There has been a UFO sighting in the Cascade mountains near Seattle, Washington, and everyone is excited. But no one believes there could possibly be an alien in town, until Karen, Barbara and Walter

Книга Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (+ CD-ROM). Lewis Carroll Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (+ CD-ROM)
Lewis Carroll
Alice follows the White Rabbit down a rabbit hole and finds herself in the magical world of Wonderland, where anything can happen. She grows bigger and smaller and she meets a lot of very strange char

Книга American Horror (+ Audio CD). Edgar Allan Poe American Horror (+ Audio CD)
Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe is one of the first masters of modern short stories and modernist poetry. But he is best remembered for his strange style of horror, with characters who cannot be forgotten. A man who

Книга Anemone et les Poissons-Clowns. Traverso P. Anemone et les Poissons-Clowns
Traverso P.
Quatre petits poissons aiment jouer et nager au fond de la mer bleue et profonde. La vie est belle, mais ils ont peur de trois poissons méchants. Heureusement, la fleur Anémone veille sur eux. Cette j

Книга Anne of Green Gables (+ Audio CD). Montgomery Lucy M. Anne of Green Gables (+ Audio CD)
Montgomery Lucy M.
Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert want a boy from the orphanage to help them on their farm, but the orphanage sends them Anne, a funny little girl with long red hair who gets up to all kinds of adventures.

Книга Around the World in Eighty Days (+ CD-ROM). Jules Verne Around the World in Eighty Days (+ CD-ROM)
Jules Verne
In 1872 a rich English gentleman, Phileas Fogg, makes a bet that he can go around the world in 80 days. So along with his French manservant, Passepartout, he sets off on an incredible race against the

Книга Auf Der Suche Nach Toby (+ Audio CD). Werner Sabine Auf Der Suche Nach Toby (+ Audio CD)
Werner Sabine
Michael ist ein hübscher Junge, aber vielleicht zu intellektuell für die Mädchen seines Alters. Deshalb hat er auch keine Freundin und keine Chance mit der schönen Eva auszugehen. Aber als ihr Hund ve

Книга Baci da Venezia (+ Audio CD). Folco Daniela Baci da Venezia (+ Audio CD)
Folco Daniela
El arquitecto Paolo Scalia sigue recibiendo postales misteriosas. Debería haberlas enviado su hermana Emilia pero no es así: Emilia ha desaparecido. Paolo se dirige a Venecia y con la ayuda de Lisa, u

Книга Bathsheba the Witch (+ CD-ROM). Cammack Jane Elizabeth Bathsheba the Witch (+ CD-ROM)
Cammack Jane Elizabeth
Bathsheba, a beautiful Weather Witch, lives with her cat, Cobweb, on top of a high mountain near the village of Sunnyville. The people in the village don't know about Bathsheba or about the important

Книга Beauty and the Beast (+ Audio CD). Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont Beauty and the Beast (+ Audio CD)
Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont
A rich man suddenly becomes poor and he goes to live in the country with his children. One day he goes to the city on business. His daughters Rosalind and Hortensia ask him for expensive presents, but

Книга Beowulf (+ Audio CD). Hill Robert Beowulf (+ Audio CD)
Hill Robert
The mighty warrior Beowulf offers to help the King of the Danes in a quest to kill the vicious monster Grendel and free his people from terror. After killing Grendel, Beowulf must also kill the monste

Книга Black Beauty (+ Audio CD). Anna Sewell Black Beauty (+ Audio CD)
Anna Sewell
"Black Beauty" is a touching story written from a horse's point of view. Black Beauty, a handsome, intelligent horse, lives in Victorian England on a peaceful farm with a wonderful master. But his lif

Книга British and American Festivities (+ Audio CD). Gina D. B. Clemen British and American Festivities (+ Audio CD)
Gina D. B. Clemen
Why do we celebrate Halloween? Do you want to surprise your sweetheart with a special Valentine card from Loveland, USA? Who invented the Christmas card? This unique book explores the origins of our f

Книга Candide (+ Audio CD). Voltaire Candide (+ Audio CD)
Roman philosophique dans lequel Voltaire nous présente les formes les plus variées de maux. Des maux naturels à ceux provoqués par la méchanceté humaine, Candide conclut cette succession d'aventures e

Книга Christmas Fun. Ruth Hobart Christmas Fun
Ruth Hobart
Christmas Fun with its beautiful illustrations, captures that typically ‘English’ Christmas atmosphere. Father Christmas introduces the children to Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer and his team. He org

Книга Connections. Cross-curricular exercises and tests (+ Audio CD). Lelio Pallini Connections. Cross-curricular exercises and tests (+ Audio CD)
Lelio Pallini
Designed with an eye to CLIL (content and language integrated learning), "Connections" is intended to meet the functional and notional requirements of EFL teaching at CEFR levels B1-B2. Objectives: •

Книга Cuentos fantasticos (+ Audio CD). Ruben Dario, Leopoldo Lugones, Horacio Quiroga Cuentos fantasticos (+ Audio CD)
Ruben Dario, Leopoldo Lugones, Horacio Quiroga
Man and animals are the protagonists of these classic fairy tales set in South America. A revengeful frog, a monstrous grub, five dogs who see Death and a monkey who takes hold of a man’s shadow, are

Книга Cultural Links. An Exploration of the English-Speaking World: Student's Book. Bowen Philippa, Cumino Margherita Cultural Links. An Exploration of the English-Speaking World: Student's Book
Bowen Philippa, Cumino Margherita
Cultural Links explores and discovers the English-Speaking world and offers links through the British Isles across North America, India, Australia, New Zealand and more. 7 Files to discover the Englis

Книга Daisy Miller (+ Audio CD). Henry James Daisy Miller (+ Audio CD)
Henry James
Daisy Miller is a beautiful, rich American girl. She comes to Europe with her mother and brother to travel and see the sights. In Switzerland she meets Frederick Winterbourne, a young American who has

Книга Das Geheime Rezept (+ Audio CD). Werner Sabine Das Geheime Rezept (+ Audio CD)
Werner Sabine
Eigentlich studiert Heinrich seit einem Jahr in der Stadt. Doch wenn er am Wochenende seine Eltern auf dem Land besucht, schaut er immer auch bei seinem alten Freund und Nachbarn, Herrn Bart, vorbei.

Книга David Copperfield (+ Audio CD). Dickens Charles David Copperfield (+ Audio CD)
Dickens Charles
David’s life changes for the worse when his mother dies and he is left with a cruel stepfather who sends him to work in London. But he doesn't want to work in a factory all his life, so he runs away a

Книга Der Nussknacker (+ Audio CD). E.T.A.Hoffmann Der Nussknacker (+ Audio CD)
Nürnberg, XIX. Jahrhundert. An Heiligabend bringt Onkel Drosselmeyer allen Geschenke. Clara bekommt ein ganz besonderes, einen Nussknacker. Während der Nacht werden die Spielsachen lebendig, und Clara

Книга Der Fluch der Mumie. Lang S., Bottcher R. Der Fluch der Mumie
Lang S., Bottcher R.
Der fünfzehnjährige Jan lebt in Berlin, sein größtes Hobby ist die Ägyptologie. Als das Ägyptische Museum in Berlin eine neue Mumie präsentiert, machen Jan und sein bester Freund Stefan sich natürlich

Книга Destino DELE A1 (+ CD-ROM). Alegre Palazon C.M., Quarello Demarcos L., Valero Planas C. Destino DELE A1 (+ CD-ROM)
Alegre Palazon C.M., Quarello Demarcos L., Valero Planas C.
Le livre se compose de: - unités thématiques claires et efficaces sur des thèmes de la vie quotidienne; - modèles d’examen complets (cinq modèles pour le niveau A1 et quatre pour le niveau A2); - acti