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Книга Snowdrops. Miller Snowdrops
Nick has a confession. When he worked as a high-flying British lawyer in Moscow, he was seduced by Masha, an enigmatic woman who led him through her city: the electric nightclubs and intimate dachas,

Книга The Dinner. Koch Herman The Dinner
Koch Herman
An evening in Amsterdam and two couples meet for dinner. They need to discuss their teenage sons. The boys have committed a horrifying act, caught on CCTV.They remain unidentified - except by their pa

Книга Tony and Susan. Wright Austin Tony and Susan
Wright Austin
Fifteen years ago, Susan Morrow left her first husband Edward Sheffield. One day, comfortable in her home, and her second marriage, she receives, entirely out of the blue, a parcel containing the manu

Книга Waterloo. A New History of the Battle and its Armies. Gordon Corrigan Waterloo. A New History of the Battle and its Armies
Gordon Corrigan
Fought on Sunday, 18 June 1815, by some 220,000 men over rain-sodden ground in what is now Belgium, the Battle of Waterloo brought an end to twenty-three years of almost continual war between revoluti