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Книга Cebra. Files 01 Cebra. Files 01
CEBRA is a successful, young Danish architectural studio, representative of the new architectural generation in Denmark. CEBRA_files is a compilation of CEBRA's works, both built and unbuilt, from 200

Книга In Detail: Barcelona Art Nouveau. Lluis Permanyer In Detail: Barcelona Art Nouveau
Lluis Permanyer
London is famous for Big Ben, Paris for the Eiffel Tower, and Rome for the Colosseum. Barcelona, on the other hand, is associated not with one or two buildings but with the blossoming of an entire mov

Книга Interiors With Edra. Cristina Morozzi Interiors With Edra
Cristina Morozzi
Showcasing one of the leading firms for modern avant-garde furniture and state of the art interior design in Italy, this volume explores EDRA's most sophisticated and trend-setting pieces from the las

Книга Open House: Intelligent Living by Design. Dana Hutt Open House: Intelligent Living by Design
Dana Hutt
How will new technologies change residential architecture in the near future? The miniaturization of processors, the wireless transmittal of data and refined sensor technologies are opening up new pos

Книга Pirelli: A Hundred Years Supporting Sport Pirelli: A Hundred Years Supporting Sport
The notoriously exclusive Pirelli Calendar, featuring glamorous shots of beautiful women, was first published in 1964. Reserved for important clients and VIPs, the calendar has since grown into a lege