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Книга A Line Around England. A Colouring Book of the Nation's Favourite Landmarks. Harmer Simon A Line Around England. A Colouring Book of the Nation's Favourite Landmarks
Harmer Simon
Artist Simon Harmer creates delightful and distinctive line drawings of our famous landmarks and landscape. In 'A Line Around England' he travels from Hadrian's Wall to Cornwall illustrating everythin

Книга Batsford's Cambridge Then and Now. Veitch Jennifer Batsford's Cambridge Then and Now
Veitch Jennifer
Edinburgh Then and Now visually charts the city from the 19th century, with its smoky Victorian reputation as 'Auld Reekie', to its twenty-first century present. Using atmospheric archive photography

Книга Fabulous Frocks. Sarah Gristwood Fabulous Frocks
Sarah Gristwood
No item of clothing has endured for longer than the dress. Yet the last century alone has seen the most radical changes of style - hemlines swinging from ankle to thigh; outlines alternating between t

Книга The Mackintosh Style. Decor & Design. Wilhide Elizabeth The Mackintosh Style. Decor & Design
Wilhide Elizabeth
Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh is renowned for his architectural achievements on a public and domestic scale, interior design, and furniture design. This book reviews his work in context

Книга The Art of Faery. Riche David The Art of Faery
Riche David
What is Faery? Quite simply, our own individual connection to nature, to the world about us and the world within us. History and folklore has shown in a very real sense the perceptible few that have t

Книга Tropical Wonderland. A Colouring Book Adventure. Marotta Millie Tropical Wonderland. A Colouring Book Adventure
Marotta Millie
Millie Marotta is a hugely popular illustrator and her idiosyncratic drawings of the botanical world are stunning. Millie Marotta's Tropical World invites you to lose yourself in a riot of colouring i