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Книга A Dog's Heart. Mikhail Afanasevich Bulgakov A Dog's Heart
Mikhail Afanasevich Bulgakov
When a stray dog dying on the streets of Moscow is taken in by a wealthy professor, he is subjected to medical experiments in which he receives various transplants of human organs. As he begins to tra

Книга A Hero Of Our Time. Lermontov M. A Hero Of Our Time
Lermontov M.
On his travels through the wild mountainous terrain of the Caucasus, the narrator of A Hero of Our Time chances upon the veteran soldier and storyteller Maxim Maximych, who relates to him the dubious

Книга A Young Doctor's Notebook. Bulgakov Mikhail A Young Doctor's Notebook
Bulgakov Mikhail
Using a sharply realistic and humorous style, Bulgakov reveals his doubts about his own competence and the immense burden of responsibility, as he deals with a superstitious and poorly educated people

Книга After-Supper Ghost Stories. Jerome K.J. After-Supper Ghost Stories
Jerome K.J.
As they relax after dinner on Christmas Eve, the members of a family and their guests turn to telling ghost stories. These ghoulish accounts range from the melancholy to the macabre, and get increasin

Книга All the Sad Young Men. Fitzgerald F.Scott All the Sad Young Men
Fitzgerald F.Scott
Published a year after The Great Gatsby, this short-story collection showcases many of the celebrated novel's themes, as well as its unique writing style. Two of the most famous tales, the beautifully

Книга Anna Karenina. Tolstoy Anna Karenina
Leo Tolstoy's most personal novel, Anna Karenina scrutinizes fundamental ethical and theological questions through the tragic story of its eponymous heroine. Anna is desperately pursuing a good, "mora

Книга Aphorisms And Thoughts. Bonaparte Napoleon Aphorisms And Thoughts
Bonaparte Napoleon
Spurred by a lifelong fascination with the great emperor, French novelist Honore de Balzac set himself the painstaking task of collecting a selection of Napoleon's aphorisms from his public speeches a

Книга Arsène Lupin vs Sherlock Holmes. Leblanc M. Arsène Lupin vs Sherlock Holmes
Leblanc M.
This volume contains two adventures which pit the gentleman thief Arsene Lupin against Sherlock Holmes, the world's most famous detective. In 'The Blonde Lady', Holmes must discover the identity of a

Книга Babylon Revisited and Other Stories. Scott F. Fitzgerald Babylon Revisited and Other Stories
Scott F. Fitzgerald
Set in the year after the 1929 crash and incorporating many autobiographical elements, 'Babylon Revisited' tells the story of the widower Charlie Wales, a reformed alcoholic and successful businessman

Книга Belkin's Stories. Pushkin Alexander Belkin's Stories
Pushkin Alexander
First published in 1831, Belkin's Stories was the first completed work of fiction by the founding father of Russian literature. Through a series of interlinked stories purporting to have been told by

Книга Black Snow. Mikhail Afanasevich Bulgakov Black Snow
Mikhail Afanasevich Bulgakov
After being saved from a suicide attempt by a literary editor, the journalist and failed novelist Sergei Maxudov has a book suddenly accepted for stage adaptation at a prestigious venue and finds hims

Книга Boris Godunov and Little Tragedies. Pushkin Alexander Boris Godunov and Little Tragedies
Pushkin Alexander
A drama of ambition, murder, remorse and retribution, Boris Godunov charts the decline of a Russian statesman, whose dynastic aims were foiled by a guilty past and an audacious upstart. Based on histo

Книга Dark Avenues. Bunin Ivan Dark Avenues
Bunin Ivan
Considered one of the most influential authors of twentieth century Russian Literature, Ivan Bunin's Dark Avenues is the culmination of a life's work which unrelentingly questioned of the political do

Книга Diaries and Selected Letters. Bulgakov Mikhail Diaries and Selected Letters
Bulgakov Mikhail
The career of Mikhail Bulgakov, the author of The Master and Margarita – now regarded as one of the masterpieces of twentieth-century literature – was characterized by a constant and largely unsuccess

Книга Dog Stories. Kipling Rudyard Dog Stories
Kipling Rudyard
Throughout his life Rudyard Kipling was fond of dogs, and while they featured prominently in early tales such as 'The Dog Hervey' and 'Garm - a Hostage', he later came up with the innovative idea of w

Книга Fathers and Children. Turgenev Fathers and Children
"Fathers and Children", arguably the first modern novel in the history of Russian literature, shocked readers when it was first published in 1862 - the controversial character of Bazarov, a self-procl

Книга Faust. Turgenev Ivan Faust
Turgenev Ivan
In a series of nine letters, the narrator tells his friend how he introduced Vera Nikolayevna, a married woman who had been forbidden as a child to read fiction and poetry, to the intellectual pleasur

Книга Hadji Murat. Tolstoy Leo Hadji Murat
Tolstoy Leo
Tolstoy knew as he was writing Hadji Murat, his last work of fiction, that it would not be published in his lifetime, and so gave an uncompromising portrayal of the Russians' faults and the nature of

Книга Image on the Heart and Other Stories. Scott F. Fitzgerald Image on the Heart and Other Stories
Scott F. Fitzgerald
When Tudy's first husband tragically dies, she takes up the offer of Tom, a family friend, to pay for her to go study in France. As she and her benefactor become close, she agrees to marry him in Prov

Книга In the Twilight. Chekhov Anton In the Twilight
Chekhov Anton
In the Twilight, the third collection of short stories compiled by Anton Chekhov himself, was his first major success and won him the prestigious Pushkin Prize when it was published in 1887. This volu

Книга Notes on a Cuff and Other Stories. Bulgakov Mikhail Notes on a Cuff and Other Stories
Bulgakov Mikhail
Written between 1920 and 1921 while Bugakov was working in a hospital in the remote Caucasian outpost of Vladikavkaz, Notes on a Cuff is a series of journalistic sketches which show the young doctor t