Литература на английском языке для детей

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Книга "Счастливый принц" и другие лучшие сказки (+CD). Уайльд Оскар "Счастливый принц" и другие лучшие сказки (+CD)
Уайльд Оскар
Комплект из книги и аудиодиска включает в себя лучшие сказки Оскара Уайльда. Неадаптированные тексты произведений позволят читателям в полной мере оценить неподражаемый стиль классика британской литер

Книга A Christmas Carol. Dickens Charles A Christmas Carol
Dickens Charles
Ebenezer Scrooge is a miserly old skinflint. He hates everyone, especially children. But at Christmas three ghosts come to visit him, scare him into mending his ways, and he finds, as he celebrates wi

Книга A Little Princess. Burnett Frances Hodgson A Little Princess
Burnett Frances Hodgson
HarperCollins is proud to present its new range of best-loved, essential classics. 'Whatever comes,' she said, 'cannot alter one thing. If I am a princess in rags and tatters, I can be a princess insi

Книга A Wonder Book for Girls & Boys. Hawthorne Nathaniel A Wonder Book for Girls & Boys
Hawthorne Nathaniel
Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864) was an American novelist, dark romantic, and short story writer. The stories in "A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys" are all stories within a story. The frame story being

Книга Adventures Adventures
В этой книге собраны рассказы об удивительных приключениях самых разных героев мировой литературы. Оригинальные английские тексты снабжены методически продуманными тренировочными упражнениями и разноо

Книга Aladdin. Munton Gill Aladdin
Munton Gill
The Macmillan English Explorers reading programme introduces, teachers and develops essential reading skills and gives continuity at each age level. Each readers contains a balance of whole class teac

Книга Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Munton Gill Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
Munton Gill
Macmillan English Explorers is an exciting new reading programme developed specifically for children learning English in kindergartens and primary schools. Written with second language learners in min

Книга Alice in Wonderland. Level 2 (+CDmp3). Carroll Lewis Alice in Wonderland. Level 2 (+CDmp3)
Carroll Lewis
One hot summer day, Alice sees a white rabbit and runs after it. She follows it down a rabbit-hole - and arrives in 'Wonderland'. Here, caterpillars can talk and rabbits have watches. And the Queen wa

Книга Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Carroll Lewis Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
Carroll Lewis
In 1862 Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, a shy Oxford mathematician with a stammer, created a story about a little girl tumbling down a rabbit hole. Thus began the immortal adventures of Alice, perhaps the m

Книга Aliens. Is Anybody Out There? Bk +Online Access Aliens. Is Anybody Out There? Bk +Online Access
Cambridge Discovery Education Interactive Readers are the next generation of graded readers - captivating topics, high-impact video, and interactive exercises designed to motivate and engage. These 96

Книга Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. Carroll Lewis Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
Carroll Lewis
Прекрасная сказка о путешествии и волшебных приключениях девочки Алисы. Эта книга трудно переводима на другие языки. Она вся построена на игре слов, на использовании английских народных пословиц, пог

Книга Alphabet Juice. Blount Jr. Roy Alphabet Juice
Blount Jr. Roy
After forty years of making a living using words in every medium except greeting cards, Blount Jr. still can't get over his ABCs. In Alphabet Juice, he celebrates the juju, the crackle, the sonic and

Книга Andersen's Fairy Tales. Andersen Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales
Andersen Hans Christian
Hans Christian Andersen is the best-loved of all tellers of fairy tales. This collection of over forty of Andersen's most popular stories includes The Mermaid, The Real Princess, The Red Shoes, The Li

Книга Anne of Avonlea. Монтгомери Люси Мод Anne of Avonlea
Монтгомери Люси Мод
Серия книг "Зарубежная классика - читай в оригинале" - это бессмертные произведения великих мастеров пера, написанные ими на их родном языке и наречии. Книги из этой серии помогут читателю углубленно

Книга Anne Of Green Gables (+CD). Montgomery Lucy Maud Anne Of Green Gables (+CD)
Montgomery Lucy Maud
Matthew and Manila Cuthberth want a boy from the orphanage to help them on their farm, but the orphanage sends them Anne, a funny little girl with long red hair who gets up to all kinds of adventures.

Книга April Fool's Day. Palin Cheryl April Fool's Day
Palin Cheryl
Macmillan Children's Readers: A variety of fiction and non-fiction titles in six levels for children aged from 6 to 12 years old. Fun, cultural and informative, this series of readers offers an extens

Книга Around the World in Eighty Days. Verne Jules Around the World in Eighty Days
Verne Jules
This series provides a wide variety of enjoyable reading material for all learners of English. Macmillan Readers are retold versions of popular classic and contemporary titles as well as specially wri

Книга Balancing Act. Sparkes Ali Balancing Act
Sparkes Ali
Collins Big Cat is a guided reading series for ages 4-11 edited by Cliff Moon. Top children's authors and illustrators have created fiction and non-fiction books that your children will love to read,

Книга Because a Fire Was in My Head Because a Fire Was in My Head
A wonderful anthology of poems to set fire to the imagination. We only have to 'remember, remember the 5th of November' to see a dark night filled with fireworks and bonfires. In their many different

Книга Big Nate Super Scribbler. Peirce Lincoln Big Nate Super Scribbler
Peirce Lincoln
Scribble for hours with Big Nate Super Scribbler, the awesome fifth Big Nate activity book! Chock-full of mazes, crossword puzzles, comics, quizzes, and sudokus, the newest installment in the New York